The Made4U Concept: an innovative
personalization system

Made4U Concept is the system that makes manufacturing of 100% personalized glasses possible by considering each person’s unique physical make-up. To do this, the system combines various technologies, a high-precision 3D scanner and a virtual try-on.

This device is capable of precisely measuring an individual’s head in just a few seconds. 

Optometric data with millimetric precision is automatically extracted from the virtual fitting of the frame with the user´s face.

The size and the shape of the frame is modified according to this morphological specification in order to guarantee the perfect fit.

Enjoy a new shopping experience with our virtual try-on that allows you to try on different glasses and see how they fit, as well as customizing them to your taste.  

The industrial 3D printing process manufactures the frames in less time than the conventional process, meaning that they can be made to order. Furthermore, the process is environmentally sustainable, allowing for local production and generating no waste.

This platform oversees the functioning of the entire system, from communication between different sections to order management and generating new collection catalogues.

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