MADE4U CONCEPT®: tailored 3D printing eyewear 

MADE4U CONCEPT® presents a revolution in eyewear world. With its state-of-the-art technologies you will enjoy trendy frames that fit perfectly to your morphology to provide the best optical quality. You will be part in your frame creation, you will choose combination of colors and customize it with your name to get at the end a unique creation just made for you. Your tailored glasses will be the most comfortable glasses you tested ever because they are unique as you. Enjoy MADE4U CONCEPT® experience in one of our distribution centers and mark the difference.    

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Better comfort

  • Frame is manufactured according to your unique facial features, resulting in a perfectly-fitted pair of glasses that will always stay in place. 
  • Material used is super light – you won’t even know you’re wearing them! 
  • Nasal section is adapted to your nose.
  • Temples and earpieces are manufactured according to the position of your ears.
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Improved vision

  • Frames and lenses with perfect fitting.
  • All optical measurements are considered. As position of your pupils in relation to position of wear of your personalized glasses.
  • Your glasses will always stay perfectly in place.
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A style that suits you

  • System allows you to customize glasses to your personal taste, choosing model and color that you like most. You can even engrave with your name.
  • Frames are made using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. 
  • Environmental impact is minimized, as material is completely recyclable. 
“Fit is perfect;
when you’re wearing them
they don’t move at all." 

How does it work?

To get your own pair of tailored glasses all you need to do is visit an optician that uses MADE4U CONCEPT® system, and then follow these simple steps.

Escaneo facial
Escaneo facial


A scanner will take a single photo of your face and create a 3D model of your head.

Escaneo facial
Escaneo facial


System adapts collection to your personal features. VIRTUAL TRY-ON only offers you those frames that will fit you perfectly. 

Escaneo facial
Escaneo facial


You can choose frame color that best meet your needs. You can even have your glasses engraved with the name of your choosing.

Escaneo facial
Escaneo facial


An order will be generated and sent for frames to be manufactured. In just a few days, your optician will have your glasses ready for you. 

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